Boxing program

Sport coaching — Mental coaching — Osteopathy

We have exceptional Boxing Champions at your disposal ready to teach you the basics of how to box, everything is available for you.

You will get a personalised training and trainer who will adapt it to your level.

Our coaches continue to increase different methods of self defense and they are also finding fun exercises to have you discover this fascinating art.

  • Cardio endurance
  • Learning different techniques (move, parry, block, dodge, deflect, anticipate, knocking)
  • Learn to let off steam while learning to defend yourself
  • Improve your concentration and your defensive reflexes
  • Develop your mind-set

Muscle Building program

Musculation — Nutrition — Ostéopathy

Tone and Sculpt your body !

Sheathing Exercises allows the building of your muscle tone and encourages the body to feel fit. It also enables you to put on muscle mass but by also working on the endurance and the strength.

Our program allows you to be supervised by professionals who will teach you or relearn the basics.

  • Muscle Growth
  • Muscle toning
  • Improvement of physical force
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle Maker
  • Strengthening the joints and tendons
  • Cardiovascular Gain: the muscles gradually consume more oxygen, thanks to the endurance work.
  • Improving your lifestyle by having a healthy diet and working on the right exercises for you.

Family program

— Coaching and leisure —

Family holidays are magical moments that we await for ! They give the opportunity to get together and live unique moments. At Coaching Travel the theme is associated with relaxation.

As you may know Yoga teaches us self-control to unruly children, physical activity reduces their risk of being overweight. Our family program is suitable for all ages and all needs.

Live a unique experience with your family by enjoying our services.

  • Introduction to Yoga with your family
  • Relaxation therapy for children
  • Excursions
  • Swimming lessons
  • Introduction to golf
  • Archery
  • Tennis
  • Painting workshops
  • Visit of educational farms

Detox program

Naturopathy – Nutrition – Sophrology – Osteopathy

Just like a tree needs healthy roots to tap into the rich soil for it to continue to grow, our bodies are needing a good balance to maintain a good health.

To promote detoxification, it’s necessary to eliminate the toxins through the liver, strengthen the balance of the your intestinal ecosystem and work on the renal drainage.

Our detox program allows you to empty your body and drive the healthier nutrients in your diet to regain mental strength, to feel and look better, fight against fatigue and stress.

  • Relaxation and Health
  • Healthy and Vegetarian cuisine
  • Personalized follow up with our experts (Nutritionists, Naturopaths)
  • Hiking in nature
  • Support base on how to fast
  • Introduction to life and food hygiene
  • Osteopathic care

Fitness program

Cross Fit — Mental coaching — Osteopathy

Sports and physical trainings are the essential elements to a healthy lifestyle and has been known for years to prevent diseases. It helps to mitigate seasonal allergies but helps to bring your smile and be less stressed.

Our fitness program is not only for the healthy body but for also having a healthy mind set.

  • Circuit cardio training
  • Muscle Awakening
  • Water Walk
  • Footing sea side
  • Abs-buttocks stretching
  • Harmony of body and mind
  • Muscle toning

Extreme Sport program

Sports coaching — Mental coaching

This program is concentrate on extreme activities that will allow you to test and push your limits. You can choose one or more activities and fill you with the thrills, this stay will be like no other!

For the lovers of adrenaline this trip is definitely for you.

  • Introduction to Fly board
  • Jet ski
  • Skydiving free fall
  • Quad ride
  • Mountain bike hiking
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Helicopter Flight
  • Introduction to canoe or rafting
  • Introduction to Windsurf and Paddle

Mental Building

Leadership — Coaching mental — Team Building

In our every day life, the society is built on being competitive, balance of power and stress plays a big part of our working life. If you cannot control your mental soul on an every day base, stress can become critical and have a dangerous downhill spiral.

Sleep disorders to back pain, throughout persistent fatigue and lack of concentration can unravel to living a challenging live.

Depending on the sources of stress, which are all so very different, some techniques can be better managed. Gestures to adopt, habits to lose, at Coaching Travel we will help you to manage your to live even at work.

We also provide a special framework to relaxation, our coaches will help you regain your emotional needs in order to give you the keys to success throughout your life in every aspect.

  • Stay focused on action
  • Analyse, manage situations that arise
  • Take the best decision at the best times and the best way
  • Monitor and manage stress and anxiety
  • Controlling your emotions
  • Improve your skills in communication
  • Managing uncertainty, when it exists (expect the unexpected)
  • Optimize your attention
  • Enhancing group cohesion
  • Being motivated and managing your goals

Boost Yourself

Developpement personnel — Coaching mental — Stress Less

In an idyllic and conducive approach to serenity, our coaches teach you to develop your positive mind-set. Positive thinking is a necessity if you want to achieve success, but to achieve it requires a better understanding of yourself and seeing the world with all its beautiful colours.

Thanks to our coaches their knowledge and skills will be with you at all stages of this program to help you refocus, being confortable in your skin and by using this amazing brain that w have.

Our program is designed to help you regain all your abilities and regain that confidence that you have lost.

  • To feel fun and have positive feelings/vibes
  • Having a great self-confidence energy
  • Knowing yourself on the physical side but also on the mental side
  • Being motivated and managing your goals
  • Developing or increase creativity
  • Manage and control pain, suffering and fatigue
  • Possess a large internal energy and a balanced attitude
  • To manage a faster recovery
  • Develop and maintain your positive thoughts (control negative thoughts)


Communication — Coaching mental — Prise de parole en public

Prendre la parole en public, c’est venir devant tout le monde et dire ce que l’on a à dire. Il n’y a rien de plus difficile que cela. Il faut en quelque sorte savoir se déshabiller devant tout le monde et dire qui on est. La prise de parole en public se décline en plusieurs points :

La prise de parole en public devant quelqu’un en face à face
La prise de parole en public en réunion
La prise de parole en public en conférences

Toutes ces situations et ces enjeux sont différents et les comportements qui s’y rapportent seront également complètements différents. Nos coaches vont vous accompagner dans ce processus d’apprentissage en vous donnant les techniques et savoir faire indispensables.

  • Utiliser les clefs de la préparation d’une prise de parole efficace
  • Maîtriser son corps pour parler avec aisance
  • Installer et entretenir la relation avec l’auditoire, faire du public un allié
  • Prendre la parole avec efficacité
  • Faire face aux situations difficiles

Relax and Wellness

Détente — Coaching mental — Ressourcements

Douceur, calme soin du corps et volupté sont les maîtres mots de notre programme détente. Massages, séance d’aquagym, hammam, modelages, manucures, soins aux huiles essentielles… notre programme vous permettra de retrouver bien-être durable.

Le « programme détente » est destiné à toutes les personnes qui souhaitent se ressourcer. Il est idéal pour se sentir mieux dans sa peau, se détendre, aller à la découverte de soi et retrouver des sensations perdues. Il vous permettra de lâcher prise et de respirer la vie dans des lieux d’exceptions.

  • Beauté & vitalité
  • Absolue détente
  • Bien être
  • Massages
  • Soins du corps & du visage
  • Détente et relaxation