Our philosophy

The mission of the Coaching Travel foundation is to provide vital access to healthcare for populations that don’t have the means to seek treatment. We believe that the practice of unconventional medicine, integrated traditional health system, can allow many people to heal.

So, our professional coaches and volunteers are involved with the poor, in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, remote villages … Our goal is to inform and treat patients through methods such as homeopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, relaxation therapy, osteopathy or Yoga … still unusual in many countries of the world.

Because nutrition can help bearing problems that cause malnutrition and those generated by this scourge that allows physiotherapy to help partially recover the mobility of the joint affected by osteoarthritis, that Osteopathy helps treat mobility restrictions that affect all body structures component that allows sports to prevent or treat certain diseases and helps stabilize chronic conditions, we wanted to set up a structure that allows for help those who are in need.

Specifically through these methods we can treat cerebral palsy patients suffering, provide therapeutic care to children with severe disabilities, care to animate workshops for families of disabled people and help them better understand disabilities…

Coaching Travel devote 10% of its profits to the foundation, so that its actions are spreading to the four corners of the planet.