Koh Samui

This exceptional villa is located on Koh Samui, an island in the Gulf of Thailand also known as “the Pearl of the China Sea”, and lies close to some of the beaches of white sand that have earned the island its reputation, with coral reefs and crystal clear waves whose splendour one never tires of praising.

From the two infinity pools, your gaze becomes lost in the endless vastness of the sea on one side and in the luxuriance of the palm forests on the other. Sportier types can compete against each other at tennis or boxing on the outdoor court or in the outdoor ring, surrounded by dark green vegetation. The terraces ensure that each person’s privacy is preserved throughout the day. At the end of the afternoon, when the vast lounge looking out over the bay takes on violet hues, the villa’s occupants come together to share stories about their day whilst enjoying excellent vintage wine from the villa’s cellar.


Huge picture windows run all around the lounge and dining room. Whether relaxing in the adjoining bar or sharing a delicious meal with your friends at the long table, laid with exquisite taste, every moment will be a magical one. How can you not imagine yourself as a rare, exotic bird, such is the sensation of floating weightlessly at the heart of paradise?

The marble suites in the bathrooms combine the refined elegance of contemporary fittings with traditional Thai touches. Red, gold and cream colours and dark woodwork combine to discreetly add warmth to each of the bedrooms, which benefit from exceptional light.

This villa is a 4,700 square metre palace. The fairies have already granted every wish in advance, and you will search in vain for anything else you might hope for to add to the unique experience of staying here.

6 CHAMBRES dans un cadre exceptionnel

Équipements :

Private tennis court ♦ Sauna ♦ Nightclub ♦ Piscine ♦ Massage room ♦ Wine cellar ♦ Digital safe ♦ 2 infinity pools ♦ Steam room ♦ Billiards room ♦ Internet Wi-Fi ♦ Fully equipped kitchen ♦ Cinema ♦ Boxing ring ♦ SONOS sound system